The Alpha Geek: Artist and Artertainer

The "Artertainer" Chris 51 has become the ambassador for uniting the worlds of tattooing, entertainment, and geek culture. 

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The Alpha Geek


It started with a passion for pop-culture and led him to becoming arguably the most famous geek tattoo artist in the world. His clean and vibrant ink work is one-of-a-kind. He is one of the most respected artists, known for an inventive & unmatched work ethic. Through educational seminars, television, endorsement deals, promotion, press, charity work and book publishing, Chris 51 has given  and done more for the tattoo industry in his tenure than most do in a lifetime. (click pic to view galleries)


After creating, casting and starring in his own TV show, Epic Ink on A&E, Chris parlayed his success in to the Geeksterink Legends tour. His hand-picked team of all-star geek artists travel the country to tattoo at comic and entertainment cons. The world's largest tattoo tour has now become a TV show of its own, so check out the tour dates and visit a con in a city near you to get tattooed or maybe even be filmed! (click tour logo to see dates & locations)


With a poetry book, football trivia book, nature tattoo book, comic book, and autobiography/motivational book out, and children's and comic book on the way, Chris's artistic reach is boundless. He has his own specialty ink line available with Intense Tattoo Ink, custom geek trading card sets, exclusive prints with the Hard Rock Cafe and various other comic cons & conventions and much more to come! Follow Chris 51 on social media because he always responds and gives back to his fans.

The Metal Geek


Chris 51 helped popularize pop-culture tattooing with his TV shows and art, now he is doing the same for Heavy Metal. With his extensive background appearing at over 150 comic cons, Chris decided it was time to bring that platform to Rock music. He created Headbangers Con, the world's first and only con dedicated to Rock & Metal culture. Chris is giving fans a chance to meet and mingle with iconic rock stars on a personal level, off of the stage and in to their hearts.


Visit the Headbangers Con site and see what all of the loud buzz is about. Chris 51 has single-handedly provided a new way for fans to meet their favorite musicians, and the musicians to make revenue outside of grueling touring and recording schedules. 



With the success of Headbangers Con, Chris 51 decided to create a new division of the brand, providing unique and more-personal live concerts to fans between Headbangers Conventions.


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