GeeksterInk Legends


World Famous Tattoo Tour

It's the biggest and the best in the world for a reason. The Geeksterink legends are just that, the legendary artists of geek culture. Filled with the biggest names in the game and tattoo TV stars from Epic Ink, Inkmaster, Tattoo Titans and more. This merry band of geeks travels the globe to tattoo at comic and entertainment cons near you. (click on pic to schedule an appt)


New reality TV show!

The Legends tour is so exciting and unique that Chris 51 decided to make a traveling road show about it. Now filming live at a Walker Stalker Con or Heroes & Villains Con near you, come see for yourself what it's like behind the scenes as the cast and their friends tattoo passionate clients, celebrities and even each other! Watch their masterful skills and over-the-top antics on the show floor and locations around each city. Be in the background, or even on the show...  (click on pic to watch show trailer)

Tour Schedule



Jan 3, Costa Mesa Tattoo, Costa Mesa, CA


Jan 13-14, Fan Fest Portland, OR

Jan 26-30, Walker Stalker Cruise 

Feb 3-4, Walker Stalker Sydney, AUS

Feb 10-11, Walker Stalker Melbourne, Aus

March 10-11, Walker Stalker London

March 17-18, Walker Stalker Germany

April 7-8, Fan Fest Chicago

May 12-13, Fan Fest Nashville

May 26-27, Heroes & Villains London, UK

Sept 8-9 Fan Fest New York/NJ

Oct 26-28 Walker Stalker Atlanta, GA

Nov 10-11 Headbangers Con Portland, OR

Dec 8-9 Walker Stalker New Jersey


January 6-8, Wizard World-New Orleans, LA

February 3-6, Walker Stalker Cruise-Bahamas

February 17-19, Wizard World-Portland, OR

March 17-18, Salt Lake Fan-X

March 25-26, Fan Fest-Chicago, IL

April 15-16, Walker Stalker-San Francisoc, CA

May 6-8, Liverpool (UK) Tattoo Con (Non-Geeksterink event)

June 3-4, Walker Stalker-Nashville, TN

June 24-25, Fan Fest-Portland, OR

July 8-9, Heroes & Villains-Nashville, TN

August 19-20, Walker Stalker-Boston, MA

September 16-17, Heroes & Villains-New Jersey

Sept 30-Oct 1, Walker Stalker, Philadelphia, PA

October 27-29, Walker Stalker-Atlanta, GA

November 11-12, Eugene Comic Con-Eugene, OR

November 18-19, Heroes & Villains-Atlanta, GA

December 2-3, Heroes & Villains-San Jose, CA

December 9-10, Walker Stalker-New Jersey


January 8-10, Wizard World-New Orleans, LA

February 19-21, Wizard World, Portland, OR

April 1-3, Wizard World-St. Louis, MO

May 6-8, Wizard World-Minneapolis, MN

June 2-5, Wizard World-Philadelphia, PA

June 17-19, Wizard World-Sacramento, CA

July 23-24, Cardiff Toy & Tattoo Con, Cardiff, UK

August 18-21, Wizard World-Chicago, IL

September 10-11, Rose City Comic Con-Portland, OR

September 23-25, Wizard World-Austin, TX

November 4-6, Wizard World-Pittsburgh, PA

November 11-13, Eugene Comic Con-Eugene, OR


January 9-11, Wizard World-New Orleans, LA

January 23-25, Wizard World-Portland, OR

February 20-22, Wizard World-Cleveland, OH

March 6-8, Evergreen Tattoo Invitational-Eugene, OR (Non Geeksterink event)

April 16-19, Star Wars Celebration-Anaheim, CA (Personal guest appearance)

April 24-26, Wizard World-las Vegas, NV

May 7-10, Wizard World-Philadelphia, PA

May 22-24, Wizard World-St. Louis, MO

June 19-21, Wizard World-Sacramento, CA

July 9-12, San Diego Comic Con (Appearing at Kid Robot booth)

July 19-20, Cardiff Toy & Tattoo Con, Cardiff, UK

August 20-23, Wizard World-Chicago, IL

September 4-6, Wizard World-San Jose, CA

September 19-20, Rose City Comic Con-Portland, OR

September 25-27, Wizard World-Nashville, TN

October 30-31, Wizard World-Austin, TX

November 14-15, Eugene Comic Con-Eugene, OR

November 20-22, Wizard World-Reno, NV